1. Bloodshed

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, K. Simmons, C. Erion, M. Scales, M. S. Ngaujah,
C. Gomez)

Produced by Eugene IV & Khari Cabral Simmons
Co-produced by Karl Injex & Mausiki Scales
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Karen Kendrick: Additional vocals
Kimberly Moore: Background vocals
Mausiki Scales: Rhodes & clavinet
Khari Cabral Simmons: Bass & synth
Che Marshall: Drums
Dashill Smith: Trumpet
Jonathan Lloyd: Trombone
Alex Lowe: Baritone sax
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV, Sahr Ngaujah, & Carla “C# Sharp”
Additional vocal arrangements by Khari Cabral Simmons

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music/ Solunari Music LLC/ Tippin
da Scales Music/ Soundation (ASCAP)


We are pictures painted by the Creator

Does anybody here cherish life anymore
Seem like fascination with a gun buck got us
Stuck to the TV set from the night to the light
They givin', we takin', but we ain't gettin'
That we've been desensitized to bloodshed
So I grab a #2 & fight lead with lead
The blood cries out from the streets
Head cracked for some sneaks
But it's gotta be accounted for, God demands
Overstand that Satan got people killin' fam
Uncle Sam's on the side supplyin' the demand
From ATL to the Motherland, it's all in the plan
So I hand out these monkey wrenches
Hopin' they'll land in the heart of those in command
We got a right to resist, we gotta fight & insist
The youth are fed better than this
We got a right to resist, fight & insist

We are pictures painted by the creator
So beautiful in every way
But why do they spit on the canvas & laugh when they
Cut through my frame
I am you, you are me, we are the image of...

The guns go clap, clap, clap
Zombies gather 'round like it's percussive screamin' go, go
They would have gambled for Jesus' clothes
And cheered it on as the blood flowed
I suppose if able, cable would have it on pay-per-view
Everyone would gather 'round the TV to see
The execution of the Son of God like it's a prize fight
That might go 12 rounds, the bets go down
For Death in 9 but the blood they came to see
Could set 'em free, by the 3rd it would be complete
The sting of Death is stung by the bee (be) who forever will
So why we still enchanted by the one killin'
We workin' for a livin' but ain't workin' on livin'
We got a right to resist, we gotta fight & insist
The youth are fed better than this, fight & insist

The blood is cryin' out from the streets but who is listenin'
The blood is cryin' out from the streets, are you listenin'

(Repeat chorus)
God, open up your heart & see we are the image of a loving God