1. Dear MC

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, A. Sirour, M. Warner, A. Barr)

Produced by Eugene IV & Ahmed Sirour
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Michael Warner: Additional vocals
Ahmed Sirour: Rhodes
Khari Simmons: Bass & synth
Che Marshall: Drums
Ruben Hyppolite: Drum programming
Ali Barr: Flugel horn
dWayne Martin: Tenor sax

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music/ Sudarabajan Music (ASCAP)


First off let me get this clear & straight to ya
'Cause you behind the mic don't mean I can't see through ya
Mr. Rough MC, Mr. Tough MC
Mr. Beat-'em-all-down-in-the-club MC
Yo where's the love MC, it apparent to me
You afraid to leave the pond 'cause you scared of the sea
So you flappin' around braggin' 'bout your clothes
Thinkin' you ain't gotta hurt if nobody knows
How it scarred your heart to not have a father figure
At night you pray to God that somebody pulls the trigger
And until then you wear the mask & your trapped
By the thoughts of the past, livin' life with your foot on the gas
Spreadin' poison through these airwaves
Got the babies knoddin' to the gun play, well it just ain't no way
I'm gone sit & not say somethin'
Ain't tryin' to be p.c. just tryin' to set minds free
They buyin' your CD, commitin' it to memory
Quicker than their geography & geometry
Now I ain't tryin' to tell you what to say in your rhymes
I'm just sayin' these are perilous times
And either you part of the problem or part of the solution
So disillusioned that we don't even know we losin'
So I'm gone keep screamin' 'til the people hear this & re-examine
Everything from the top to the bottom of the playlist

To whom it may concern, MC
My heart bleeds, I know your soul is empty
There's more to life than tours & crowd roars
Sincerely yours

Everybody talkin' 'bout makin' hits but ain't nobody
Thinkin' 'bout the impact, how did it get to this
What good is a hit record if by the ending
The audience is thinkin' the same as the beginning
You made a little change & bought some things
But your community's condition remains the same
See while you busy microphone thuggin' & mean-muggin'
We headed for self destruction
And nothin' but a musical revolution will stop it
Yeah I done heard your flow, now I'm challengin' your topics
We got the ball, you about to drop it but I'm tryin' to reach you
Like a prophet while you do it for the profits
This little rhyme of mine, I'm gone let it shine
'Cause we slippin' into darkness, somebody's gotta start this
And turn it all around for the sake of the seeds
'Cause you breakin' us up like bad reeds

(Repeat chorus)

I hear you man, you talkin' loud, you talkin' loud
But you ain't sayin' nothin'

(Repeat chorus)