1. Changes

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, D. Pruitt, I. Sibley, J. Kearse)

Produced by Eugene IV
Co-produced by Derrill “D-Lux” Pruitt
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Christine Horn, Kerisha Hicks, & Jahi Kearse: Additional vocals
Derrill “D-Lux” Pruitt: Rhodes
Matt Stallard: Bass
Jimmie Howell Jr.: Drums
Marc Baldwin: Guitar
Jimmy Young: Percussion
Nicholas Jamal: Trumpet
Jonathan Lloyd: Trombone
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV, Ingrid Sibley, & Jahi Kearse

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music


Lookin' back I think about
All the people in my life, all the people out
A lot of lessons learned, a lot of stripes earned
A lot of bridges burned, I gotta be honest man sometimes I yearn
To go back and do it over and protect my heart
From let downs & flops, people down then not
Bringin' down my lot & I was standin' on the Rock
But still it felt like I wasn't gettin' no crop
A little frustrated, irritated from broken promises
Many said they would do, but yo they never did
Driven to a state of isolation
It seemed like everything I wrote somebody was erasin'
I was runnin' low and reachin' for resuscitation
God granted me rest & my spirit was awakened
I looked around & found that for the sun to rise it's gotta go down

Oh, oh, oh changes

Everything has a season, every scene has a reason
People comin' in, people leavin'
There's a time to live, a time to die, a time to laugh
A time to cry, nobody knows why
Hard times hit makin' you wanna call it quits
But know this, in Christ you can make it to the next day
And step into the next phase, overstand that it
Ain't gonna stay this way, you're gonna shine
But first you gotta be refined, God beautifies
Everything in its time, seek & find that
In the midst of all of this, you're gettin' stronger than a black fist
So you can clap to this & dance under the street lights
Hold your head & maintain, watch for the next train
Dance under the street lights, hold your head & maintain
Watch for the next train

Changes, oh changes
Oh, changes, ooh

Keep your eyes on the moonglow, brace for the windblow
Downpour, sunshine, the elements intertwine
And they givin' life tonight, the givin' life tonight
They givin' life

Downpour, sunshine, give life