From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, T. Miyamoto, J. Dexter, M. Scales)

Produced by Eugene IV & Takana Miyamoto
Co-produced by Mausiki Scales
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Julie Dexter: Additional vocals
Takana Miyamoto: Rhodes
Betty O. Russell: B3 organ
Khari Cabral Simmons: Bass
Che Marshall: Drums
Nicholas Jamal: Trumpet
dWayne Martin: Tenor sax
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV & Julie Dexter

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music/ Tippin da Scales Music


Mama & Daddy always told me to stand for what's right
Even if it meant standin' alone, now that I'm grown
I understand a little better, see I was taught that
Life is about more than just makin' cheddar
And if I wanna make a difference, I gotta be about it
And call my people together so we can talk about it
I'm going door to door with a message of freedom
They hunger for justice, somebody gotta feed 'em
They seem to have forgotten their rights, yo let me read 'em
You got a right to get a ticket for speedin' without a beatin'
You got a right to shop without gettin' shot at
You got a right to live after reachin' for your wallet
A right to fly without being strip-searched
Got a right to get together even if they bomb your church
I gotta tell you like it is man I can't hold back
See I'm driven by a vision of tears & broken backs
Let the whips crack, I ain't turnin' around
'Til I reach everyone in every town & if it takes
'Til the Lord comes back I accept that
What, you afraid to rock the boat, I expect that
But how much longer you gonna go through the kitchen to get in
We headed for the front, come & join in
We lockin' arms & hearts & minds, I hope you don't mind
But I gone pray in Jesus' name, He can author the change

(Freedom is at your door, tell everyone you know)
Freedom is at your door, throw on your shoes & clothes
And tell everybody you know we marchin' on
Yes we marchin' on
(Freedom is at your door, we're marchin' on, we're marchin' on)
We hittin' every town tonight
From door to door 'til the flame ignites
And we're standin' strong
Yes we're marchin' on/ we are marchin'

We went from boycotts & sit-ins to just tryin' to fit in
Traded identity for corporate opportunity
See it used to be about we, now it's about me
Myself, & I can't help but wonder
If we weren't afraid to lose what we got we could fight
For what we need but can't nobody lead
'Cause nobody wanna follow, what happened to the trust man
I think they got us, we'll dance with everybody except
The one who brought us, why we keep backpedallin'
And “I'm fine where I am” pedallin' &
“We don't wanna rock the boat” pedallin', forget settlin'
Tell the governor we movin' in & he can call the militia
My Daddy faced the water hoses, my Mama went to jail
So I suppose this is the least that I could do
This ain't the time to bail, this is the time to move
So move y'all

(Repeat chorus)