1. No Mo'

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, A. Perry, D. Walker, A. Andrews)

Produced by Eugene IV & Anthony “Ant” Perry
Co-produced by Divinity
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Angela Andrews: Additional vocals
Anthony “Ant” Perry: Rhodes & clavinet
Divinity: Bass
Kemmerin “KB” Blalark: Drums
Derek Scott: Guitar
Ali Barr: Flugel horn
dWayne Martin: Tenor sax
Alex Lowe: Baritone sax
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV
Additional vocal arrangements by Angela Andrews

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music/ Duchess of Decatur (ASCAP)


I'm 'bout sick of being tired 'bout tired of being sick
What was light as a feather is heavy like bricks
So I lay it down by the river, God please deliver me
From all that hinders, today I choose the center & re-enter
Your will, surrenderin' mine, feelin' it's time
To let it go, here is where I draw the line
Between what I've done & what I'm gone do
Freedom now to everybody listenin', get up, get in position
Don't let yesterday keep you from livin' & lovin' today
We've been there & we've done it, now let's step away from it
I don't know about you but I'm not waitin' on the new year
For this resolution, ain't no debatin' execution is the best solution
See God has broken it & now we gotta turn it loose
It might be this for me & that for you but one thing is true
Procrastination ain't gone let us grow
We gotta live so we gotta go

I been here way too long & I'm feelin' like movin' on
I can't make it out here on my own
Call my Father tell Him I'm comin' home
I gotta get right & get gone, I know I've been wrong
But yo, God has given me this song & I'm gone sing it
'Til we break free of everything holdin' us back
I got a word from on high, put down your bags & unpack
The abusive relationships, behaviors of addiction
The sex without morality, the family friction
The selfish motivation, the lack of dedication
The fear of isolation, the standin' & calculatin'
Mathematics ain't gone get it when you wonderin' why
Every flower in your life is startin' to die
We need the Livin' Water & it's as simple as that
Then God will play selector & bring us back to the way
We were supposed to function, I got a hunch that in 3 bars
Everything that ain't of God is comin' out, you're now free
To walk about the cabin, see while they rappin' for mics
I'll be rappin' for life, to shine light & change plights

(Repeat chorus)

I can't lie no mo', cry no mo', die no mo', sigh no mo'
No more
I can't lie no mo', cry no mo', die no mo', sigh no mo'
I'm comin' home