1. Get It

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, D. Pruitt, I. Sibley, D. Bell)

Produced by Eugene IV & Derrill “D-Lux” Pruitt
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Venus 7: Additional vocals
Derrill “D-Lux” Pruitt: Rhodes
Matt Stallard: Bass
Jimmie Howell Jr.: Drums
Mausiki Scales: Synth
Dashill Smith: Trumpet
Jonathan Lloyd: Trombone
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV & Venus 7

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music (ASCAP)


Get it, get it, get it, got
So hard to get it but once you got it you got a lot
Yeah, you got a lot

I was runnin' for a minute & was wearin' down
But it's feelin' real good as I'm bringin' it back now
You see we gotta get back to the basics
Whatever it is turn around & face it
We can't run all night, we gotta stand & fight
For what's right in the eyes of God and
You gotta love the you that He made
To where you run a Boston without a single spade
Gotta see your deliverance, walk in deliverance
Talk in deliverance, shake off the hindrance
I hope you feelin' this down to the core
To put it simple, He knows what you lookin' for
And He's got it in store plus a whole lot more
You're in need of 2, God is tryin' to give you 4
See I been a mess & I'm not ashamed to admit it
I'm gone press toward the mark 'til I get it

(Repeat chorus)

Instead of giving up I'm gone give it all back
Instead of standin' down, I'm gone stand up & attack
'Cause it ain't gone happen without faith & action
So I'm gone keep playin' my horn & rappin'
Until the world's clappin' & singin' along
Without studio money I'm still writin' the song
'Cause it's been ordained for me to do this thing
In the name of Jesus I go against the grain
And come against the chains, you can keep the fame
Just give me my Lord, a keyboard, some horns
A bass, some drums, a microphone & it's on
It's serious now, man I'm getting' grown
I ain't tryin' to walk around talkin' 'bout “woe is me”
'Cause that won't do a thing for you, ya see
God has given me something to give to you
And when it liberates me it's gonna free you too

(Repeat chorus)

You might feel like you stuck right there
But I'm tellin' you, you gotta get up from there
'Cause the very thing you been prayin' for
Is right at your door but you insecure
'Cause you had a good lead but it's fallin' apart
Though you got a good jump it was a false start
But hey, God is ready to wipe it all away
So you forgive you & step into a new day
God is ready to wipe it all away
So you forgive you & step into a new day

If you really want it get up & get it