1. Write On

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, E. Nation)

Produced by Eugene IV & Libby Nation
Eugene IV: Lead vocals & alto sax
Kimberly Moore: Additional vocals
Libby Nation: Keys
Matt Stallard: Bass
Che Marshall: Drums
Tony Bailey: Trumpet & flugel horn
Vocals arranged by Eugene IV

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music (ASCAP)


I'll be at this page until I get a word from you
For me, for my brother, for my sister, for my family too
I see people writin', recitin' only half of the truth
So come on through 'cause we need you Master

It's been a long time, it felt like my pen would never work again
My ink was runnin' out though I had a lot to talk about
I was simply uninspired & tired
Didn't wanna write another song about strugglin'
Didn't know that by the end I'd be whole again
Just show up & write & you would speak to my soul again
By faith it works with every verse, I'm learnin' more
I'm getting' stronger, I declare that I'm no longer
Gettin' right, just doin' it & being it, not just speakin' it
And anything short of all the way is insufficient
So may the page be the altar where you alter every
Crooked place, you speak & I write, you tweak & I write
I'll put it down for the world to get up, get off their heels
And get their healin' on with every song
And by your might I'll write 'til we all get it
By your might I'll write 'til we all get it

(Repeat chorus)

You might be waitin' for your vision to manifest
You might be victim to laziness, rhythm & rhymeless
I'm feelin' the time is now for the flip to flop
This writer's block may endure for a night
But in the morning there's a novel & an album to drop
Don't stop, keep writin' & fightin', God is revivin'
Not only you but a nation with every stroke
There's hope for the artist inside that you figured had died
So take up your pen & write again without cease
Even if it don't flow, it might turn out to be a masterpiece
See, it doesn't have to be this hard
Let's take it to the page & get a word from God
Create 'til you can't no more, we can't stand at the
Gate no more, too much at stake you know
So keep your head to the sky, you can't lose if you try
You only lose when you choose to let it die

God has given you ammunition for the fight
And He says fight on, write on