1. 4-Ever Crew

From the recording Starving Artist

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(E. Russell IV, R. Hyppolite, J. Brown, M. Warner,
M. S. Ngaujah)

Produced by Eugene IV
Co-produced by Ruben Hyppolite
Eugene IV: Vocals & alto sax
Jamaul Brown, Michael Warner, & Sahr Ngaujah: Additional
Derrill “D-Lux” Pruitt: Rhodes
Divinity: Bass
Jimmie Howell Jr.: Drums
Ruben Hyppolite: Drum programming
Marc Baldwin: Guitar
Tony Bailey: Trumpet
Jonathan Lloyd: Trombone

©2005 Soulfully Extended Music (ASCAP)


Been around the block, comin’ back again
This timed we’re armed with more than raps & beads
Planted some seeds, some good, some bad, true
But we still standin’ y'all we still crew

I’m a lot different from the way I used to be
No matter what they did to me, I set a table for my enemies
Possess the capability to rip off your extremities
But wisdom proves to be more of an asset recently
In decent & in order from disorder & indecency
A phoenix from the ashes, we arise asymmetrically
Aligned & designed with the author, my biography
Beginning to ending, look through the eyes of a visionary
Clarity is necessary, grab a dictionary
Understanding a man such as myself is quite the adversary
I didn't practice what I preach so now I preach a practice
The art of pushing forward out of sliding backwards

You thought you heard the last from the 4MD’s
Still standin’ strong like dem Georgia pine trees
Yes it’s me Z, E to the K
Ain’t no way I’m gone live another day & don’t pray
I must say, I miss my brothers but we still crew
4 More Disciples if you ain’t heard this what we do
Deliver the Word through the verse
Convicting the soul, rattle your nerves
Some people said I wouldn’t survive in life
You know but that’s how it be
They just forgot I had Nahum, Juice, & Brother G
Prayin’ for me, we still crew buddy

(Repeat chorus)

Were we so overzealous, dogmatic, or confused
Disillusioned, I’ve been fooled many times before
Question the law, look farther than you ever did
Jar the door & walk through it, put your faith to it
Where you been that you lived to tell about
How far from the door of your house have you been
From the thought to your mouth to transition
Wishin’ on things we can’t handle, motivatin’ scandal & such
I’m sayin’, open up your hand for the touch
Like extraordinary fellas reunited on the track
While taxpayin’ citizens still gettin’ jacked
What tense are you livin’, here & now is beginnin’

See we were rappers sittin’ in the church
Just tryin’ to finish a verse & everybody
From the front to the back didn’t think
That we could love God & still rap
The preacher called it sin & the people clapped
They lookin' at us like “guess you heard that”
Man we sittin’ with our poker face on
Tellin’ each other to eat the meat & pick out the bones
‘Cause when you know what you’ve been called to do
It’s already approved & it don’t matter what they say about you
Just follow God’s lead & know that you just can’t eat
Everything everybody is tryin’ to feed

(Repeat chorus)